One Less Star to Gaze Upon

One less star to gaze upon

since you went away

You promised me the heavens,

but alas you couldn't stay


The moon cast its sultry light

upon my lonely eyes

Softly he whispered to me

there's  more to heaven than you realize


I may not be a brilliant star

but my glow can move the tides

Inside an ocean my reflection ripples

and I beam with pride


As you can see there more to life

than gazing at lost stars

When someone special walks away

that doesn't define who you are


Then let my glow ripple into your heart

and let the heavens play

One less star should not detour you

you will find a new light someday


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MilMan's picture

One Less Star To Gaze Upon

You do beautiful work. Another Lovely poem.

Stay Good, Stay Strong and God Bless.

*MilMan*  Cool

roseblossoms's picture

Thank you Milman, I am glad

Thank you Milman, I am glad you enjoy

the beauty of my words!   Bless you!


Thanks for stopping by! ;)

deepinyourdreams's picture

"May a starry light shine on

"May a starry light shine on your ripples"Innocent


roseblossoms's picture

Thank you , every star is

Thank you , every star is appreciated !