A Child is Born


High upon the heavens an angel lives

gazing down upon the planet earth

with so much love to give

watching the miracle of birth


A child is born, a savior a king

Will free the world of mortal sin

A son, in a manger, as the angels sing

Glory be to our newborn kin 


Mother Mary, sacred mother 

We'll protect your child from harm

This child will be like no other 

A sacred leader, a man of charm  


So the angel flew down from above  

promised  to watch over this child

Dear Lord, I will guide him with love

and protect him from all things vile  


Jesus grew up an honorable man

became the savior of mankind

A crown of thorns , nails in his hand

The angel cried "Dear Lord it's time"


On the third day he acended to heaven

a Kingdom where love is found

Blessed was the world freed from sin  

As the angels gathered all around


Dust in the wind, sins of mankind

Earth moves as sins turn to dust

Jesus died to save all mortal kind

So in his love you must trust 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy Easter

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Happy Easters in advance Ms Respected RB

Colorful Chocolate eggs.... A True Man's Resurrection whom people killed mercileslsy 

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Thank you Bishu, the graphics

Thank you Bishu, the graphics are beautiful! Happy Easter to you too!

Thanks for stopping on by!