What Love Can Bring To Me

I didn't know what love could be

It had not yet caressed my soul
I didn't know the warmth that
A heart could feel to unfold
but then I met you,
and you turned my life around 
Like a hot air balloon,
my feet were off the ground
I didn't know love could be
so wonderful and care free
Until your loving soul
wrapped its arms around me
And now my life
is filled with such delight
to embrace our happiness
under the stars at night 
Now I know
what love can bring to me
moon light kisses and warmth
to set my soul free
I met you and you
turned my whole life around
my heart was once lost,
until thankfully my soul you found  
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bishu's picture

Lovely similes and personification.....

... The moon kisses one side of the globe ...The sun warms the other side.. ... Well written Respected RB 



roseblossoms's picture

Moon kissed night thank you

Moon kissed night thank you