Wind Blown Blossoms

Nature Poetry

The scent of wind blown blossoms fill the air

so fragrant and sweet to elicit  many smiles

Carried upon Mother Nature's wings so fair

Drifting through the fields and traveling many miles


Rose blossoms dancing merrily in the fields

Enchanting all onlookers from afar

To those that dare to come closer they reveal

thier exquisite beauty, lushious petals by far


Some wind blown petals rush through the ground

colors so vividly bright they look so sweet

Carried for miles they reach the little town

And rush  through every corner of the streets


When the wind settles down the blossoms lay

upon the cold hard streets away from mother's stem

Petals so soft and fragrant that once played

in the winds of Mother Natures gym


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deepinyourdreams's picture

I like this , paints a nice

I like this , paints a nice picture'



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Thank you! 

Thank you!