To live Another Day

Nature Poetry



Standing in the shadows an elegant  flower

moonlight  had not graced her blooms

As the velvet darkness crept for hours

Her scent still reached every hall and room


There walking by a prince with a mission

To find the most  beauriful  rose

He could smell her fragrant emission

so her beauty must be found by his nose  


But as with all beauty there is  a  thorn  

and as he reached  for the flower

His finger felt the prick and was torn

and blood seeped from it for hours


When a flower hides in the shadows

its just another way to last   another day

Whether  in a garden or a meadow

her scent in the velvet night will always  sway

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Another day!

And the rose triumphs. "velvet darkness crept for hours" Beauty in every word!

Let your teeth show

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Thanks for gracing me with

Thanks for gracing me with your time and comment!