when the stars and moon play


The morning light has yet to peek

and the stars slowly start to hide

Yes they are playing hide and seek

into the heavens they twinkly glide


The moon smiles a crack into the night

and his beam shall slowly fade

its heaven's plot, oh what a lovely sight

as we watch the moon dance in the waves


To enchant us with their magical spell

when the stars and moon play

we humans wish upon wishing wells

For night scapes never seem to stay


We beg for their return into our lives

for what is the sky without moons and stars 

They shine upon our souls and make time fly

No matter what day or how really far they are


Now the sun may make flowers grow

and warm our lives with its rays

but I rather gaze at stars that glow

and let the moon kiss my face each day


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Lovely <3 The title brings a

Lovely <3 The title brings a smile to my face, what wonderful imagery!

Let your teeth show

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Thanks  Tora, your time and

Thanks  Tora, your time and comment greatly   appreciated  

glad   I could  make you smile !  

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Many many more 50s to come Respected RB Nice thought

We wait for the dawn

The stars to hide

when east moon sets

west moon rises

Alas the East & West

Has given U unrest

When U see the sun

Some see stars & have fun

world isn't same for everyone 



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Yes we are different   as

Yes we are different   as night and day

thanks  for the lovely  moonlit rendtion!

Take care!