Let It Breathe

Let's go back to where we started. To where the fun began. We problematically clung to one's hearts, that's where we went wrong. Rather than slowly caressing, we took the air from lungs. The love was always present, the love still very is. The love is the foundation. So let me begin:


Space is needed, and so is air to breathe. If I breathe all your air, then there's none left to receive.

So I ask you to come back, let's take this reprieve.

There's no point in ending, we just need to let it breathe. 

Too much time together is a real thing.

Too much of a good thing is not the best thing.

Smothering and obsessing can become the same thing. 

The future is far away, no need to worry about a ring. 

Love is intoxicating but just as well suffocating, I'll put my heart out on my sleeve.

Air is needed, individuality, so let's please take this reprieve.


Time will tell, so let it, I haven't been the best at that.

If I use every second, in the dust I'll be left back. 

Independence can give tranquililty, I recognize my faults. 

You could keep me at the nearest bay and we can pursue our lives per se, just no need to put us to a halt. 

Acknowledgement is the first step, then working to properly respect, and give the space that you expect, no need to change, no need to stress.

Calm, cool, and collected after all I have reflected, my confidence shall build, and nothing shall be subjected.

I talked it over, I didn't cry. I realize. I placed so much weight on you, I'm surprised, as to how you have not said goodbye.

I thought it over, I know what I've done, let me right my wrongs and be the one.

I controlled and obsessed, I realize that that's not too attractive. I've never faked, am always real.

Thinking about how good I can make you feel. 

But, I haven't been doing it right.

I can control my emotions rather than control the very life that you live. For that I'm sorry, I hope you can forgive. I know I'm sensitive, but that doesn't mean I have to be. My sensitivity is linked to my anxiety, I mustn't let it get the better of me.

I can comfort. I won't cry, I'm not changing, just opening my eyes. 

I lived to love you, rather than loved to live. I know now to live for love, and take as much as I can give. 

Time alone is your holy right.

Friends, family, and pursuits should be the guiding light.

I dimmed it for some time-being, but out the way I'll move and let you see.

I'll stay right near though, if you'd let me.

And I know it's easier to walk away,

Then to look for what would make you stay. 

We still have so much fun, can't just forget, telling eachother were the one.

We can still be as close as can be, but now just do it more healthily. 

So for me I'll be confident as can be, pursue goals that reflect me, self-love more than what my mind wants to see, hang with friends and have fun, treat you second to none, be independent, and be my own number 1.

And for you, let you be as comfortable as can be, give you space that you need, let your goals fly on free, hang with friends and have fun, be your own number 1, be independent, and smiling, and not worry about a thing.

And let us both stay young.



I just want to make it better, I just want to make it right.

Can't be a stranger, I'll be too awkward and uptight.

So I ask, stay with me, we can make new memories.

The spice of life is ours to seize, the moment was just a scene.

I want to make it better, do you want to make it better?

I want to stay together, do you want to stay together?


So come on back, back to me, back to bed, let's take this reprieve.

You know I love you & you love me, I just needed to let you breathe.

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