Love Is A Four Letter Word

You know it’s hard to say what’s on a mind, sometimes words just can’t define. 

When one person enters your life, and time moves at a different time. The pace of life begins to change, but that love just stays the same. Hopefully that’ll never rearrange, because you waited your whole life, to love this way. 


Love is just a four letter word. Yet, describes itself more than what is heard. L , relays the love you bring, the loyalty and paired-living. The mind you’ll lose if they were lost, so you work for that love, at all costs. O, represents the openness at heart, but also the vulnerability to be torn apart. Owning up and speaking truths, proving love with all proof. V, displays the values at hand, the respect placed between a woman and man. The vows and views you share willing, and how the love reflects past the ring. E is for exceptional. E is for empty holes. E is for electricity. E is everything. Love has no clear defined meaning, words at points can mean nothing past the actions the two can bring. The look in eyes between two who mean... to love.  We’re all just human beings and to love is just our thing. Isn’t it such a lovely thing for one, to love.

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