Broken Boy

I'm a broken boy

I just want to win

I beat myself up

Again and again

I only lose

But I can imagine

What it's like to not be


How does it feel, boy

To be on the losing end

You'll never taste 



Loser in the life I live

Nothing to take, nothing to give

Broken and can't amend

Broken boys have no friends.

Break me out of this stage

Of life, a broken place

I've tried and tried many times before

But broken once, can be broken more

How does it feel, boy

To be broken and not feel, joy

Broken boy, just a broken boy

In this game of life, I'm just a toy


If all I do is lose

Why even try to win

Lay me down, this life is pre-tend

I'm a broken boy, so very bro-ken

I'm a broken boy, so very hopeless

A broken boy, don't know what hope-is

Life has me broken in

Take me back to where I began, and 

Hang me by a rope's end.



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