Something to Believe In

Hey you look like

Someone I would like to know

Would you like to know me too?

That I don’t know

We could become familiar though.

Admire your face from afar

Admire the way you speak 

Your words could put me at ease

You could be my reason


You can be something I believe in,

Can you be something I believe in?


Hey you’re the one

The one I love to know

And I know I am to you

Now we’re familiar, ambition becomes true.

Adore your face 

Adore the way you speak 

Your words put me at ease 

A reason, you give me 


You are something I believe in,

You give me something to believe.


Hey gone away

The one I forgot

And forgotten I am too

A familiarity, that I’ve come to rue.

Can’t remember your face

Can‘t remember how you speak 

Or the words that would put me at ease

Now I have no reason


Give me something to believe in,

If I have nothing to believe.



Hey you remind me

Of someone I once knew 

Or someone that I do know

I actually don’t know of what is you remind me 

All too familiar though.

Could be your face 

Could be the way you speak 

Somehow put me at ease 

...I think you’re the reason, in which I do believe


Something I believe in, in someone I believe.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem describing finding love, losing it, and finding it once again.

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