Blue Pill

Have you ever taken so much adderall that you get lost in a sound?


The sound of endless thoughts, so much that you may drown 

Your brain just becomes a clutter, forget what you were after 

And why is it such a mess, such a beautiful disaster

If I can’t focus, I digress, the pill helps me become of my mind, the master.


So you take a blue pill to refine, that good ole tired mind, and spin those wheels once again, well here goes the hamster.


But what if it was a mistake, and blue pills become an addiction you can’t break, and each day as you wake, it becomes normalcy to take, what will be your response as the reactor?


Does it make you despondent in thought, is it all just one big regret, where is it, when you need it? That refreshing rapture 


To excel we take the meds, at least that’s what we tell ourselves in our heads, the side effects are much worse than they said, forget focus I’ll just take a pill that works as a relaxer.


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Ah, to be young again.  I

Ah, to be young again.  I won't preach since I've been pretty unapologetic about my own excesses.  Just be careful, young man.  Drugs can be a tool but they can also destroy.  Be safe.