My Sunshine

Please don’t take my sunshine away,

Without her there ain’t no sunshine to brighten my day,

But always no matter how much I plea and pray,

And continually cry & beg God for her to stay,

Eventually, my sunshine must always go away.


I wish I would tell her what I mean to say,

When she’s gone it’s just so dark and gray,

Can‘t even count how many times that I say, I love you

The love of my life, no one is placed above you.


Please don’t take my sunshine away,

Please don’t leave and make this a gloomy day,

When you leave my happiness soon frays 

If you stay, would you stay, please just stay...

Because I break down when you leave me.


How am I supposed to cope? You’re my love, you’re my hope, feels like I’m hung by a rope, when you get up and go...


Please don’t take my sunshine away 

Time moves too fast, need to see her everyday

Please don’t take away my bliss or I'll let out a sigh,

If you take her away, I don’t wanna live like this

But I don’t want to die. 


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