Love can be forever, not just on call

Our love is a harmony, playing in the most elegant of halls

You tell me you love me, my heart is so full

You're my sunflower, pray your petals never grow dull


As time passes, this life moves with the flow

You cheat my heart, our love does the opposite of grow

Stare at the sky, how it's the biggest of blues

Your love receded, now I’m an artist with no muse 


Don't know where to begin, but want to know how it ends

If I say I love you, just know it's not pretend

A cold shoulder, has me deafeningly cold

Your shallow heart,  how love so easily folds




The year is 2021, wish to see how we'd grow old

But sometimes life, just doesn't go as foretold

I remember when you'd tell me you love me

That'll never grow old

It's been so long since I've smiled,

Now it‘s a form, to which my face will never mold 


You've been so long out of sight,

Thought our love was so right,

Shrouded in a cold snow bank of lies,

My heart is unbearably white.







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