Trial and Error


There was a girl named Yasmeen,

Her family regarded her as a queen,

She overdosed on morphine, didn't make it to eighteen,

Oh what a life to live


There was a boy who was named Will

Everyday had pain to kill

Gave in his will for the pills,

Oh what a shitty end


There was a man who resembled defeat,

Wanted to take his son out for a bite to eat,

His son never made it to meet and eat,

Because he lied dead in a seat, from the needle he put in on repeat,

Now he‘s just a rotting piece of meat


There was a woman, who was blonde,

She found a man of whom she was fond,

She thought that they had formed a bond,

Until he broke that bond,

And down she sank into a slough of despond.


So many stories, how do they relate?

Is it because of their bitter fate?

Or because of some toxic trait?

Who is in command?


As you look above to who, whoever you think created you

Make sure to gaze below, to see how far you'll go

When it all comes to an end.


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