This is how it ends,

you won‘t let me make amends,

will never again be more than friends,

so this is how it ends.


Want to go back to where it begins,

For you to forgive my sins,

Never meant to share my skin with other skins,

Take me back to where it began.


Let me sit in solitude,

I deserve your harsh, unforgiving attitude,

For the acts I’ve done in nude,

Let me sit in solitude.


Want to fast-forward to ignorance & bliss,

So I don’t reflect on our last kiss,

And all times of us I sit & miss,

My only friends now are ignorance & bliss.

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Teytonon's picture

Don't worry

She probably wasn't good for you anyway.  Hey, I always thought ignorance WAS bliss. You mean they're two different people? Wow