Unrequited Love Song

Hey call me back, I missed the chance to say

Hey text me back, just wanna know that you're okay

These spiderwebs collect on my phone,

Why wont you look my way?


Hey I know you're not home right now,

I just wanted to hear your voice.

Hey I know you don't care right now,

But I know that that's your choice

I scream at my phone, 

When I see your name come up, I don't feel alone.


Why  won't  you  love  me? Just give me a sign.


How  can  I  make  you  love  me? Will you just be mine.


I scream at my phone,

When I see your name come up, I don't feel alone.


I  give  you  my   all. Butyouwon'treciprocatemycall.


If   you'd   just   love   me, thatwouldbejustlovely.


I scream at my phone,

If I see your name come up, then I won't feel alone.


This love is so unrequited, your heart has me so divided, this love is just unrequited, oh why can't we just be united?


I call out your name, stop driving me insane, won't you please just feel, the exact same?


Don't want to scream on phone calls,

But without you, I'll have withdrawals


So I scream on phone calls,

Oh how hard you've made me fall. 



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