God’s Departure


God‘s love is dying

In a world full of hate 

Happiness is not as prominent as it once was 


God’s love is decaying

As the time ticks away

Compassion and love are not as compelling as they once were


God’s love is depleting

All around the world

Judgement reigns as the top scale of measurement


God’s love is drowning

Genuineness is rare to find 

Manipulation and control are supreme in their endeavors 


God’s love is dead

If it was ever there to begin with

Questioning the dogma has become normalcy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You could also read each separate line of each three sentence blocks in accordance to the corresponding line of the following blocks— saying “ Gods love is dying, Gods love is decaying, Gods love...“ ”In a world full of hate, as the time ticks away, all around the world,...etc.”

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