Drugs Pt.2

I got pain to kill

But my pain my only friend

Empty voids left to fill.

Fall apart, hoping that you can reassemble, re-piece, re-part, then disassemble

Wishing life had a button, click to restart.

Pace is slow, but my heart is working fast, added with the drugs and you'll surely finish last

Stimulate, to accomodate the pain, bred from hate and love, take the drugs to keep you sane.

But the drugs fail, insanity in your brain

To no avail, recycle this drug-felt game.

You fret, but you only got your self left to blame

Now reset.


Now relapse.

Take the drugs out your system, and crash

Got you dying for at least some weed, just to relax

Now only got you thinking about the pills you want to swallow

Minus the drugs for stability in life to follow

Addiction only got your heart looking so hollow

Keep it up, and before you know it, 

There won't be a tomorrow.

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