The Spit

Watch the flow

Feelin' like a lyrical cosmic

Object of this piece, is I'm cold as ice

So all must retreat

Fucking up some commas, these rhymes I excrete

These rhymes will hurt you, guess I'm feeling bittersweet

No stop in sight, so might as well take a seat.

Pour out a line, watch my nose fly away

Melting all ice cold veins with this intense poetry-so to say,

Lyrical genius, these rhymes are unmatched

Call it Fate or Call it Karma, because I just Stroke out facts

No comedown machine in these word games I play

Fuck all who hate

The top I will climb to Someday

Pass me my sugar even though I ain't your neighbor

My words jump off pages, spreading their fragrance

Roses really smell like shit, like an OutKast I dish out lessons as a favor

Blowing my load, I'm about to explode

Set out a white sky, I'm about to do blow

Aggressive in my approach, so set out a line

Colder than an Arctic Monkey, claiming baby R U Mine?

Feel it in my bones, the gloves are off

Like a Vampire on the Weekend, blood is sought

Ain't no Modest Mouse, can't call me Jerry 

Refer to me as Tom, because these rhymes can be scary

Twists and turns, blood that burns, my heart that yearns, and these guts that churn

Lyrical toxic.

I‘m swim in the light

My passion and pain equals demon slayin', so that means I put up a fight

Musical references, intriguing those who know

Rhymes that chime, this crucible easily melts as I flow

Words go deep as oceans so I'm never Frank

These words are anything but lackadaiscal, my rhymes don't go blank 


So fuck what you say, I've only got myself to thank.




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