Daddy Issues Pt. 2

Poems about my dad

Forget the determination I hold, when all that follows is anxiety and depression,

When you come to mind.

I then try to keep you out of mind.

My devotion

In hoping for your approval, your support, your acknowledgement, your presence,

your love.

I didn't really know what your love cost

Don't forget me

I can't forget these daddy issues.

Years pass

Lapses in between

Regret reappears

If you don't like what you see

Silhouettes inside a dream

Although, however it may seem

I just want your company

These daddy issues should cease to exist


But no love lost

I try to reprimand

But I can't pretend

For you or anyone

So I'll be me

If you be you

Tell me... What's the difference between the future and the past:


Your company.


Fuck these daddy issues

I love my mother, but don't think for a second that I don't love you too.

I hate beating around the bush

I don't mean to offend, I just want to repair

But I need to know if you care

Daddy Issues


Will you be there?




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