The Frugal Way

My siblings and I in that we sible

Have come through a most cognizant display

Of garnering life’s corporal dribble

Like our parents in a most frugal way.


We boast of clothes with many miles per cent

And have no wiles though these styles pass their day

To ward retro we in common theme spent

In praise of our parents most frugal way.


Cars bought used were used by children again

Who had thoughts their children might just one day

mBe anxious to give these autos a spin

And carry on our parents’ frugal way.


I digress. My father a brand new boat bought

Where a forty-two wizard was displayed

A twinkle of pride to his eye was brought

A testament to his most frugal way.


I receive visitors on furniture

Reupholstered in nineteen sixty-eight

Extra paid at that time was to ensure

A memorial to dad’s frugal way.


My sister when she at the doctor’s heard

And to it I might add her only dismay

Was “twins?” “Two for the price of one, what worth!”

You know what? I am in the frugal way.


All of us haven’t gone without

Though true, we never had it in its day

But each content, absent any doubt

To the worth of our parents’ frugal way.



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