Dear Mom, I miss you.

Dear Mom,

You're making me fucking sick.

Wasting all of your time;

sucking on the devil's dick.

You are the pot,

calling the kettle black.

And I'm sorry that I've lost respect for you,

Because you're addicted to crack.

But I want my fucking mother back!

I want you to talk to me.

And listen,

when I say,

"Don't cook up that shit today."

But you don't.

And you won't.

Because that is how you cope.

With the ceaselessly tightening rope,

that Ed has placed around our throats.

But I still have hope.

As hebetudinous as that may seem.

I have a fucking dream.

That we'll all be okay.

After all the shit Ed put us through.

I guess,

What I'm trying to say is....

Dear Mom, I miss you.

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