3rd Person

Lizzy the rocker has to deal with Daddy the stalker.

And all of you clowns.

Lizzy is in the mirror practicing frowns.

So she can not take your calls right now.

She can not take your calls at all.

But leave a message after the tone.

Or better yet leave this poor girl the hell alone.

She has no time for your foolish "he said she said" games.

And she has no time for your neysaying negative nancy name calling names.

You can keep your heads lodged firmly up your asses.

While Lizzy maintains her class and keeps her head high up in the clouds.

If her screaming has grown too loud, block your ears.

She will scream her message and cares not for who hears.

If one hates what one fears then she must be a fucking Freddy.

This is the start of something new.

This is the start of something heavy.

Hey kids?!

Are you ready?!

Rock on steady to this crazy beat and tap all y'alls feet.

Something false and something true this way comes.

Your evil ways succumb and benevolency is dumb.

So who wins?

Father has comitted the worst of the worse of all sins.

Daddy and satan are surely twins.

Lizzy is not one of your kin!

But she befriends herself.

She asks not for your money.

For she has all weath.

And the lack there of in mental health.

She is rich in family and other things.

So please forgive her refusal of your pearls and diamond rings.

Kings and kings and a loss of queens.

Damn you society!

For you have grown mean.

She cares not to be lean.

For that was not what she was taught.

She was taught to be herself.

And for that she has fought.

This ought to be in first person.

And excuse Liz for the curssin.

She'll never fit in.

So I suppose she is her own person.

Everything she does has already been done.

This battle has just started but it has already been won.

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Stephen Banks's picture

I've read at least 15 of your poems and I feel like I know you in some strange way. Your one of the rare talents on this site, keep pumping out excellent work, you have fans.