Angsty McAngst Hate stabby stab poem


I really hate all of you people and your bullshit.
But I'm too awesome to crack so I guess I'll have to deal with it.
I hardly have time to comb my hair.
Do you think I have time for your shit?
I think not.
The bullshit A'town chicks think they're sooo hot.
I'll watch you rot.
If platic can expire.
You say I have potential?
I say you are a liar.
You all make me feel like my clothing are barbed wire.
Uncomfortable much?
Bitches and cunts and bitches and such.
Hate me as you please.
Popularity is nothing but a social disease.
So I guess I am immune.
Comming attractions are cumming in you soon.
Hurry up and get intune.
We get out of this hell hole in June.
Ten months too late.
And feel the hate; You all disgust me and you preppy cuntbags can't relate.
When I think of Arlington I want to regurgetate.
Yes, it is that bad.
The fact that the majority of you will someday produce offspring makes me sad.

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Aquila Vanetta's picture

Fucking right, some ppl need to get a life in the real world and not their fucking popularity and face

<3 aquila