Familiar goodbyes


I heard the song today,
I thought I could handle it so I let it play.

In my ear I could almost hear you,
Singing me softly to sleep, easing my pain.

Even though you had moved on,
For me you remained.

I imagined I saw you, a magnificent dragon,
Pure as freshly fallen snow.

Wrapping around me like a blanket,
Warmth from a heart breaking again.

Life isn't how I pictured it,
how we imagined it to be,
If it was, I would be with you.

I miss the sound of your voice,
The affection you never hesitated to let show.

Now this absence, the silence, this need for you, is all I know.

As the song started to end,
I felt the peace begin to die,
I felt you start to leave my side.

A kiss on my brow and a whispered goodbye,
Comfort that only barely eases my mind.

A single tear fell from my cheek,
That I didn't even know I cried.

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