The Gift

My husband

Somewhere, children are playing,
wrapping paper stuffed into trash bags,
the air a merry sort.

When I think of the holidays, family comes to mind,
I'll never be used to the sound of this kind of insanity.

People get so caught up in trends,
they forget to be grateful for what they have.

I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back,
air in my lungs, what more could I need?

Through all that life has given,
I believed that somehow, what was meant, would be.

What I want for Christmas doesn't come in a store,
it has no price tag, net worth, or stock share.

What I want for Christmas is a gift that will last beyond forever,
this gift I could appreciate today, tomorrow, and many days more.

This gift is the sweet kiss of happiness,
the promise of a future, a handful of memories.

My gift gives me a reason to wake,
to smile, laugh, even cry, but never alone.

My gift guides me, whenever I'm lost in shadows,
saves me from my nightmares, everything I can't leave behind.

My gift catches my heart, my gift was mine from the start,
my gift is the transformation I needed, when I was falling apart.

My gift holds a piece of me, deep inside,
no one has ever glimpsed the treasure it hides.

My gift steals the breath from my lungs,
the tears from my eyes, the darkness from my life.

My gift has held me through heartache,
has forgiven my weaknesses,
has brought out the light that wouldn't shine before.

My gift is my entire world, my life, my eternity,
my beginning, my soul, my open door.

My gift means so much, a lifetime of possibilities,
the dream come true I waited for.

My gift is you,
and the privilege of being yours.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Merry Christmas my angel, I love you

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