Fight or flight

My husband

I ran away today,
from my past, from my nightmares,
from my pain, I ran so far away.

I found shelter in a pair of arms,
I found solace in soft brown eyes,
I found home in a beautiful surprise.

I ran from myself,
who I used to be,
I ran to the only place I could be free.

I ran away from the memory of empty years,
I ran away from the sharp sting of tears.

I ran away from my reflection in the glass,
I ran away and found myself at last.

I ran away to a place I knew I was welcome,
I ran away to the place I could never escape from.

I ran away from myself and all the chaos in my mind,
I ran to you, the one I can't leave behind.

If I decided to stay forever,
could I?

If I ran away tomorrow,
would you come with me?

You've come to mean so much to me,
you are my peace, my sanity,
with you is my serenity.

As long as you're by my side,
I'll never run anywhere else,
I'll never have to hide.

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poet610's picture

A Beautiful

A beautiful Piece, some much emotion, and if flow very well.
Great write!
keep penning