Until forever ends


Rain is pouring down from a pale sky,
Standing here hoping you won't say goodbye.

My hands are shaking,
My heart, don't you know its breaking?

I wanted you to stay,
I wanted us to be forever,
Happy ever after,
Is it too late to turn out that way?

You and me, we are lost in insanity,
Never-ending cycle, who's playing the fool?

All but fallen to my knees,
Begging you, please, come home to me.

You said you'd try,
You said you'd never let me die,
But you forgot who you're talking to,
Baby I know you.

How many times can I get up again,
How many ways can you make me whole,
Will this someday end?

Your love is the sanctity I need,
You are the reason I stand here and bleed.

As the wind caresses tear stained cheeks,
I can't help but wonder,
What have you done to me?

I was never this weak before,
Not until you broke down all the walls,
Found the key to my locked chamber door.

I was never this bare,
Yet here I stand, cold as stone,
Frozen to the core.

I believed I was ugly inside,
Decaying and rotted,
Overgrown with the vines of guilt.

Somehow you've changed all that,
My future isn't bleak, at long last.

I swore one day I'd walk away,
That you were too good for me,
"I don't deserve to be loved," I'd say.

You weaken me, distract, dazzle and blind,
I can't afford your presence in my life.

Now look, so much has come to pass,
Time and trust changed everything,
I'm free from my prison, far too fast.

I stand before you a broken angel,
Wishing for nothing more than your hand for eternity.

Stand with me when the world comes crashing down,
Stay with me when everyone has gone,
The only light I have found.

I give to you my most solemn vow,
If you need me,
Just close your eyes, I'll be there,
Doesn't matter when, why or how.

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