Run to you

Buying a bus ticket,
not caring what it costs,
when it leaves.

I just know that I need to see you,
need to be with you,
I need your warmth.

Everything's a blur,
can't focus on anything,
just your face,
the burning need to have you in my arms.

Impatiently waiting,
just to get to you,
but I don't mind,
every second brings us closer.

Running from something,
glancing over my shoulder,
I've lost it for the moment,
shielded by your presence.

Can't think, can't break down,
I just need to see you,
need to be where I'm always welcome.

Such a long ride,
anxious to get to you,
will it ever end?

Suddenly I stand before a closed door,
you're on the other side,
my heart starts to beat too fast,
I'm so close to the heaven I've waited for.

You're facing me now,
the door thrown open,
and all of my will not to cry disappears.

All of my strength is gone,
I've collapsed inside myself.

Your expression shifts from concern,
to confusion, what am I doing there?

Relief that I'm okay,
you've been trying to reach out to me all day.

All my control abruptly snaps,
I'm falling to my knees,
it took everything I had just to run to you.

I can't hold back the tears,
the words that burn my throat,
can barely see through the fog in my head.

You pull me close, as I try like hell to breathe,
I can't get this feeling out of me.

I needed your touch,
needed your reassurance,
needed you far too much.

A wreck in your beautiful world,
you still bring me in from the cold.

All I need is to hold you tight,
all I need is to know that with you,
everything will be alright.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based off a dream I had, when I woke there were tears in my eyes.

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this one is in the folder with the ones to me (and christy?), but it isn't to me right?