Have you ever wondered why with some people its all about the chase?

The more unattainable, the more attractive,
and once you have what you desire, you lose interest.

You need the chaos and angst and conflict,
the chase is so much more exciting than the win.

You strive for something, crave it,
doing whatever it takes to obtain it but the moment you possess it,
that rush is gone, it's not the shiny and sparkly thing you thought it was.

Maybe its the Id coming into play,
the constant thirst for more.

The grass is greener theory.

Its not actually greener,
we just think it is because its not what we have.

In that case, I can understand why envy is a sin,
but it seems natural to want more, to want what's missing.

You get close to someone and the fact that you can't have them only makes them more enticing,
we live for the moments when we're simply waiting for a sign.

We want them to love us more, notice more, feel more, give more,
what we already have is irrelevant, we want everything.

But is it really all about chasing the illusion?

You risk everything for something because you think its the answer,
its what you can't find, only to find it wasn't.

To find that you risked everything just because you wanted the impossible.

The chase is easier, it's less harmful than the winning or losing,
because if you're still chasing, then you put more effort into it,
you steadily build that fire.

If you lose, that only makes you more determined,
that adds fuel to the necessity.

But once it's done, you're left with nothing else to put your all into.

Half the time that's why relationships fail,
one is trying too hard, the other too little.

We all want it to be balanced but it never is,
there's always going to be that whisper of doubt that says it's not enough, I need more.

When you look back on all of it, counting the costs and damages,
is it really worthwhile?

Did wanting more only help or hinder you?

Congratulations Alice, you found where the rabbit ran off to,
but look around..do you even know where you are?

How to get back?

Its always about what is absent,
we're never satisfied with what we have,
we crave what we don't.

We crave people because that forbidden feeling makes it appealing.

Someone tells us we can't, we try to prove them wrong,
reverse psychology.

I guess its all about conditioning, habit,
wanting the dream instead of reality,
because that dream we know won't come true.

That makes it safe,
the knowing it will stay unfulfilled.

We're always enticed by the unknown,
the path less traveled, because who wants to walk down the one that's already there?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a rant that was in my mind that once written out, I made it into a poem

"People don't fall in love with what's right in front of them. People want the dream - what they can't have. The more unattainable, the more attractive." - Xander

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