Next to you

When I think of you, my heart beats too fast,
arrhythmia, I wish you knew just what you do to me.

Asphyxiation, suffocating when I'm not talking to you,
you're my drug, I'm addicted to you.

My star, lover, the only one who could make me wonder,
if I didn't love him so much, I'd be with you.

You're my air, you're the frog in my throat,
you're the tear in my eye,
the sweet passion deep inside.

Missing you with every fiber,
calling you, where are you,
are you there?

My sanctuary is by your side,
holding you, feeling your hair beneath my fingers,
catching a whiff of your scent,
burning desire I can't ignore.

I'd sacrifice every moment,
everything once held dear,
all that matters is you,
all I need is the love you offer.

You give without restrictions,
thanking me for all the little things,
you're crazy if you think any of it can come close,
if any of it can explain a fraction of the devotion you create in me.

I'd give every breath, every treasure you can conceive,
just to look into your adoring eyes,
to kiss the tears you cry, you're beyond precious to me.

I burn for you, I surrender to your captivity,
I don't even care what you're doing to me.

My angel, my goddess, my gravity,
when I'm lost in darkness,
you're the light I need to see.

Is it enough to give you all of me,
is it enough if I hold my heart in my hands,
you're more than beautiful to me.

All I could ever want is in your embrace,
all I could ever ask for is that smile on your face.

I'll never let go,
when you're too weak to stand,
I'll carry you.

When you can't feel anymore,
I'll fight for you,
when you start to forget,
I'll remind you.

Two sides of the same coin,
misery loves company,
this is our love story.

I'd sell what is left of my damned soul,
walk a thousand miles in the rain,
just to come home,
next to you, where I'll always belong.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my star, love you dearest

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