Bags all packed, there's nothing left to do,
nothing to say, but you're still watching me,
what are you waiting for?

So long, take care,
go find yourself,
I don't mind, just want to watch you shine..

Guess I got used to your presence,
a calming influence in my chaotic mind,
I knew deep down that what you searched for,
you wouldn't find here.

I knew this was coming,
feeling like I should say my goodbyes,
the doors are closing, you're opening your eyes.

That's ok, I'm glad I helped you find your way,
kept your heart from going cold.

You say you'll stick around,
maybe you will, least for a little while,
don't worry, you'll make it through alone.

Your light will be your guide,
when you leave, I'll forgive you.

Our time is coming to a close,
but it's alright, nothing lasts forever.

You'll always be my brother, my friend,
my Chesire cat when I'm lost in Wonderland.

I hope you find the love you deserve,
peace and comfort, the redemption you strive to earn,
I hope you have everything you ever wished for.

I'll be here, if you should return,
welcome you with a warm smile and open arms.

Said our farewells, there's an acceptance inside me,
saying its okay to let you go.

Just keep going, don't turn back,
don't let anything stop you from your dreams,
use your passion, hold onto your faith, always believe.

If you need a friend I'm nearby,
all you have to do is call,
I'll miss you, I'll remember you.

Walk tall, love fiercely, risk everything,
you'll be in my heart, always.

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