The price of redemption

Parts of me

This is the part that hurts,
when I know that one day I'll have to walk away.

I care about people, my savior complex,
I'm supergirl, I have to save the world.

Broken friends, the pieces scattered on the ground,
I stay just long enough to glue them back together,
I'll do anything to help them mend.

This is the part that I hate,
when I love too much,
but can't give anymore.

If I needed to, I'd turn around,
fade into the background,
there one moment, gone the next.

This is the part I wish didn't happen,
I'm hurting you, you're hurting me,
but I can't find it in me to leave.

Heart-heavy, weary,
if only things were different,
if these stolen moments could last forever.

If only..

This is the part I could do without,
where I try to be honorable,
cold as stone, but your tears are my undoing.

I should do the right thing,
keep all these words inside,
but without knowing why, they're bleeding out.

My mind is screaming at me to stop,
not to look through the door,
but I can't help it, I'm curious,
I want to know more.

Slicing into you deeper,
you know me, I know you,
bleed for me, lay it all on the floor.

This is the part I wish I could ignore,
close my eyes and will away,
but I have to do this,
I'm never meant to stay.

How am I supposed to save you,
when you're saving me?

This is the part where I wish like hell I could control,
but I've fallen captive to your lullaby.

I'm always near, the shadow in your light,
you're a demon, but I can be your angel,
if only through the night.

This is the part where I know I should say goodbye,
but its not that time yet,
so I'm here until it is, you're not alone here.

I'll be your guardian, your angel,
whatever you need,
but I can't promise to stay,
that's too much to ask of me.

This is the part I wish I understood,
am I meant to leave, or no?

Are our paths meant to intertwine,
has fate deemed it so?

I wish I knew the answers,
how things will turn out,
but I don't.

This is the part where I wish I knew the secret,
the way to let go.

Was I put here to help you,
is this what I'm meant to do?

This is the part where I would give anything to make you promises,
whatever it takes to help you believe,
to help you trust in something good again.

But any I could make would be hollow,
I don't know the future any more than you,
all I can do is give you a reason to hold on.

I'm always near, call on me and I'll be there,
I'll always catch you before you start to fall.

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