My husband

Cabin on the water, you wait just inside,
I walk out to the sea's edge, admiring the view.

The waves rush ashore, tickle my feet,
the sound is calming, fills me with peace.

Compelled to go further,
the sand squishing through my toes,
wind hipping my hair around, the strands slap my face.

One step, two.

Soon I'm waist deep, the water feels so heavenly.

The current starts to pull,
I can't hold on to anything,
I'm losing my footing.

A wave crashes over me in my moment of weakness,
knocking me off my feet, into the cold water,
which way is the surface?

The tide is low, but the sea tosses and turns,
trying to consume me.

Trying to save myself, swim furiously,
but I can't feel the bottom, the waves won't let me.

I could call for you, but I can't find the air to breathe,
if I did, would you hear me?

For only a moment I stop, the waves have almost won,
but then I see your face, I can't lose you.

Fight my way to the surf,
gasping gulps of air, there you stand.

You noticed I was gone,
tried to save me, but let me save myself,
let me decide to live for you.

You pull me to the safety of the beach once more,
holding me close, trying to make me warm.

You give me the courage to live,
give me the strength to come back,
you help me figure out my own mind.

You'll always there, just out of reach,
close enough to touch,
your stability means so much.

Yelling at me with fear in your eyes,
I could have drowned, I almost died.

I know I deserve it for hesitating,
but your anger fades, replaced by relief.

Glad I'm safe, thankful I trusted you,
you help me home, back to warmth,
back with you, where I belong.

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