Crying wolf


Why is it when I'm almost gone you turn back around,
this is why I can never walk away.

Why is it that even though we haven't spoken,
I can still feel you near.

Why is it that I can see you in my mind,
maybe its just a hallucination.

Why do you always hear when I'm not even calling,
like a fool I can't turn you away.

Show yourself,
I know you're here.

I can feel you like a fire touching my skin,
I recognize the way you taste, my used to be mate,
How could I not?

How could I ignore the feel of your energy connecting with mine,
was it my thoughts that brought you, did you hear me whisper your name?

I thought you had finished checking up on me,
I know you won't say a word, I'm not dreaming yet.

Once I close my eyes, I am pulled away into your world,
someplace between dreams and consciousness.

I guess I should have known better than to cry wolf,
you always hear and come to me in the night.

I gave you part of my heart, you gave me roses and a smile,
you'll always be my guardian, my protector.

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