Come closer

My husband

You used to sing songs for me,
used to tell me they were mine alone.

You used to call me darling,
my heart would catch, I felt precious,
pet names that I held onto.

Little treasures I collected,
songs to you, poems with you in mind,
you read and adored every one of them,
now they go unheard.

I erected walls around my heart,
tried desperately to keep you from tearing them down,
they fell without a sound.

You won my love,
you're all I see,
only you holding me.

Now that we're together, you're falling away,
I don't feel as close to you now that you're here to stay.

You're sweet, giving me kisses and laying your head on my shoulder,
but I still feel like you're gone.

Am I reading too much into this?

I wish you were romantic,
that you'd be as charming as you used to be,
now it's only on occasion.

I miss the songs, I miss the way we'd talk,
I miss the way my heart would break from loving so much.

I miss you.

Are you missing me too?

Playing your games, coming in for a kiss,
smacking my ass, holding my hand,
why does it still feel like something's missing.

Maybe I'm just lost, now that you're nowhere near,
maybe I'm just seeing what isn't there.

If I screamed, would you hear me?

If I reached for you, would you remind me that you're right there?

If I ran to you, tears in my eyes,
would you do anything to make them stop,
would you kiss them the way you did?

Why does it feel like we're only close when things are falling apart?

Shut off all the lights, trade them for candles.

Turn off your video games, trade them for kisses and laughter.

You're too far away, I need you here,
I won't let go without a fight,
come closer baby, convince me everything's alright.

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