I wandered out again into the moonless night,
past the place I call home, deep into the woods,
farther down the beaten path.

It wasn't long till I was lost in fog,
the shadows dance nearby,
laughing silently as I try to find my way.

Its too dark to see,
the air is thick, I can barely breathe.

A gentle touch, soothes the fear,
there's nothing but darkness,
yet your voice is all I hear.

You find me when I'm on the verge of breaking,
kiss each tear and give me faith,
you are the risk worth taking.

My dearest love, you're the star in my sky,
you're the light that I need to see by.

I'd give anything to see you smile,
nothing more than a human, in love with a dream,
celestial being, too precious for the likes of me.

Sell my soul just to know you're happy,
for you no sacrifice is too great,
for you I would wait through the longest cloudy night,
just to catch a glimpse of you, such a beautiful sight.

My love, my sweet, my angel,
no words could ever express,
just how much I treasure each caress.

You are the light in my heart,
the fire that always burns,
even if you should disappear,
I would miss you, cry a tear.

Even though I'm not beside you,
close your eyes and I'm right there,
never forget you are loved.

Even on the darkest night,
when I have no more strength to stand,
I look up and there's a single star in the sky.

You must be an angel sent to save me,
my beautiful star burning bright, stay with me tonight?

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