My husband

You are the leaves and I'm the trees,
you give me the life I need.

You are the stars in my sky,
show the way to fly.

You are the wind that kisses my wings,
the wounds I have carried are healing after bleeding so many years.

You are my sacrifice, my second chance to change,
my faith, the key to my cage.

You are the moon that watches me when I fall from grace,
tears of pearls from a heavenly face.

You are my best friend, my antidote,
my sweet addiction, will you always be my nicotine?

I let you inside my personal hell,
watching you dance in my flames,
nothing will ever be the same.

I was yours from the start,
kept wanting to run but you didn't give up,
you won my heart.

I am the ocean and you are the sand,
you lift me up when I'm too weak to stand.

As long as the tide comes in,
I will be your girl, will you be my shelter?

You entered my hell willingly,
got lost in the flame's caress.

I warned you not to follow,
that it would cause you pain;
yet you do again and again.

I always want to run,
you find a way to keep me in sight,
why can't I leave you behind?

You believe in me, see through my empty lies,
kiss each tear that falls from lifeless eyes.

You are the beat that keeps my heart from giving into death's embrace,
the warmth of the sun that shines through the clouds to light up my face.

You are my reason, my faith,
in you lies my eternity, the love I have always chased.

You are my knight, my forever,
my angel and saving grace,
you are the one who finds me when I'm lost,
you show me the way.

You are the sun that shined through my darkest nights,
you are my sedative lulling me into a drugged state.

You are the antidote,
to the poison running through my veins.

You are the one who kisses each tear I cry,
whether from love or pain and joy.

You are my caffeine that gives me the energy,
you get me through the longest day, the arms I always turn to.

You are the shore when I'm drowning in the sea,
you are my everything.

You saved me from the pain I fear,
the burden I carried alone,
I can finally let go now with you near.

Each day is better than the last,
you take me higher and higher,
I never want to come back down.

Your voice is my melody and lullaby,
each night I fall asleep with the song you sing to me.

I love you more than oceans,
more than waves that touch the beach.

I love you more than stars in the sky,
and more than there are leaves on trees.

Love you because you make me smile,
love you 'cause you kiss the tears I cry.

Love you when you laugh,
love you when you wrap me in your arms,
love when you catch me before I fall.

Love when you look at me as if I'm all you can see,
love when you tell me in small ways how much I mean to you.

Love you when I can feel your touch,
when I see you standing always in my shadow,
bathing me in your light.

I love you because you're stronger than you know,
you fixed my broken wings and saved my soul.

I love you because you take me higher than cloud nine,
not afraid to fall because you'll never let go.

I love you more than words can say,
more than I'd ever have the time to show,
but whenever you're feeling lost,
look for me and listen and I'll tell you all you'll ever need to know.

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