My husband

Was lost for too long in the dark,
felt at home in my grave till you.

I promised to be there if you needed me,
a gentle touch to ease your hurt,
tried to absorb your pain, anything to give you peace.

My heart locked away in a icy cage,
threw the key where no one would find,
swore I'd never let it free.

Somehow you found it among ruins,
you set me free.

Meant to be alone,
making amends for mistakes,
saving the damned, as many as I could.

I was dead inside, headed for destruction,
refused to let myself be healed and forgiven.

You kept believing in me,
pulled me from my world of death and shadows,
into a dream of love and light.

I don't mind suffocating,
drowning in your ocean,
as long its you stealing the breath in my lungs,
you who pulls me under.

I'll sacrifice everything I once knew,
just to have the chance to surrender in you.

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