My husband

When you can't find the strength,
lean on me and I won't let you fall.

When you can't find the words,
let me clear your mind and let your heart sing,
let me be the inspiration that you need to heal.

When you're weary from fighting battles in your mind,
let me be the one to call a cease fire, to give you rest.

I will be the song in your soul,
the lullaby you need to slip away into dreams.

When you need to cry, to grieve and survive,
I will be there to kiss each tear.

When fears come to lurk and haunt,
I will cut them down,
protect you from their scalding touch and sound.

I will be all you'll ever need,
just don't stop believing,
fight each war and win,
at the end of the day come home to me again.

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