Hell's fire, Love's light

My husband

The pale moon is rising through the mists, I find myself watching,
aching for the comforting familiarity of someone who's not here.

A shadow in my mind, a whisper in my ear,
storm raging across my memory,
going over each decision and thought carefully.

So much of what I knew isn't close to the truth,
yet always I reach for you.

An ember in my soul, a fire that won't go cold,
you hold a piece of me that's too unknown.

You offer your hand,
eyes searching what I'm hesitant to give.

Can I knowingly, willingly, watch you suffer?

Can I allow you to feel the touch of hell's fire?

Am I ready to trust, to let you lead me?

Either way there will be pain,
either way you'll hurt.

The choice is mine,
but am I ready to make it?

Can I condemn you to the same fate,
let you sacrifice everything for me?

My choice is no choice at all,
for either way I lose,
but if it means I won't suffer alone,
I'll cry out for you.

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