Swansong to the lost


Forgotten promises held on tight,
forever lost, replaced by tears,
empty battles not worth the fight.

Sweet words whispered into the dark,
misguided hopes, false savior,
redemption from a doomed fate.

Too far away, across state lines,
a touch taken for granted,
words lost on the wind and in the rain.

Dark angel, my mourning light,
the muse that taunts my dreams,
stolen moments that were once so dear,
fade into memories, into yesteryear.

Fragile rose, black as night,
how precious you were,
I would've given anything to hold you,
to be blessed for one moment of your life.

You gave me more than you'll ever know,
words couldn't express, actions couldn't show.

An eternity spent wishing you were mine,
traded for one day, just one chance to see you smile,
any price was never too much, our enemy was time.

The moon rises in a pale sky,
my thoughts turn to you,
wondering if you could feel a ghost's touch,
if you were to look outside.

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