Anthem of the fallen

You and I walk a fragile line
suspended between light and dark
building walls of insecurity
your diamonds fall with mine.

Forever drawn to the dark
I see you when you cry
you hear me when I scream

Enchanted by the pain
chasing ghosts together
fast we fade away

Our story is really a tragedy
standing alone together
lost in bitter memories

I'll take on your pain
as you take on mine
so hard to hold on

Cold and broken
together we're whole

I can feel you falling away
you can see me starting to break

If you fall then so will I
we're dead alive

Keeping holding on to me
as I breathe you back to life

Your heart in mine,
my hand in yours,
another wave crashes
but we keep each other ashore

I'll keep you safe from the rain,
from the darkness within

Stay with me as we wander alone,
with you I will always be home.

Your war wounds are beautiful to me,
your tears break my heart,
one I thought could shatter no more.

A goddess filled with grace,
a rare rose that blooms in the night,
untouched by sunlight.

Innocence so fair, shadows in haunting eyes
only a gentle touch can handle a gem with appropriate care

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