Promise to you


Every couple has their fights,
so will we.

Baby were not perfect,
I don't want us to be.

I cant say I'll never hurt you;
I know there will be days we'll tear each other apart in every way.

But I'll never break your heart,
I'll promise I'll never do what I can't say I'm sorry for.

Nothing you cant forgive,
I won't do that to you.

I can't say I'll never lose patience,
I do promise I'll try.

I won't agree with every dicision you make,
but I swear to stand by your side.

Life's good alone,
though I'd rather be with you.

We both been through a lot,
but together we can pull threw.

No man but you will ever be more then a friend,
as long as you want me.

I'll stand by your side,
and only belong to you.

So darling,
don't worry.

I won't let jealousy come between us,
from this day on it will always be you.

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