Parts of me

Rip open the wound and watch the poison bleed out,
dead eyes watch from a frozen stare.

Can't depend on my old release,
toss them out for good, out of sight and mind.

You listen with your tender touch and sympathetic eyes,
look into my soul at all that's buried inside.

You make me feel, make me bleed,
make me real.

You say nothing, simply watch and wait,
I let you in, expose my sweetest escape.

You can try to bind my wings but I'll break your chains,
you can't hold me down.

You can try to see things through my eyes,
but you won't be able to get through those barriers.

I've been awakened, found my grace,
I'm above it all, far from harm.

If you think you can catch me,
can take and break me go ahead and try,
just don't be surprised when you fail and I remain free.

Walking through the world,
apart yet connected,
a silent shadow, unnoticed.

Each step taken with purpose,
a certain animosity hangs around me like a cloak.

Eyes scanning, observing,
dismissing with a mocking smile.

I am an angel fallen and forgotten,
yet I have found my grace, my purpose.

Retreat to the shadows of your mind,
where words mean nothing and heaven is but a jaded dream.

Only those who know where to look will find me,
wandering through the still of night,
silent as the graves whispers, always alone by the twilight hour,
watching the moon cry from atop it's pedestal.

I am an angel fallen from grace,
the darkness' mistress, slave till the end of days.

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ths is me "liking" this. lol.

ths is me "liking" this. lol. stupid fb. hahaha

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Lol I think you've been on

Lol I think you've been on there too much

It seems that the only people who can see pain in others' eyes, are people who have seen it in their own...

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me too. lol. but it's addicting... :(