Parts of me

Lie on the floor as the music moves through me,
feel the cool air as it caresses bare skin,
watching the candle's flame dance on the cieling above.

Eyes closed with my hair spread like a halo,
wings resting, for once not bleeding or protecting.

Drifting in the solitude I've found my peace at last,
with you by my side and in my heart.

For once I feel lovely, precious and serene,
that is what loving you does to me.

I've carried the weight of the world alone,
my cross to bear that I refused to share,
my secrets locked away where no one would ever see.

I have sinned, I have bled and I have caused so much pain
I've hung my head in shame.

Being what I am has made my wings covered with scars,
your pain I take as my own, want to dry your tears and steal you away,
take you somewhere safe, far away.

Hide behind your pain and apathy, cradle and nuture your wounds,
swear you won't feel anything ever again.

Tenderly I smile, for I know the truth,
what your heart cannot deny.

I was lost and found my way to now, to you.

Your heart is a precious gift,
I vow to keep safe from harm.

I am the Angel that haunts you,
will always be yours to hold.

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awwww. i like the part about

awwww. i like the part about how your hair forms the halo. that's cute. i love it.