Parts of me

Cut me down to size, I know you will,
take the pain I cause and bury it deep,
I can hear your screams still.

High on a pedestal, watching the world burn,
I'm above it all, finally my turn.

Darkness lurks around the corner,
the days pass that much shorter.

Your innocence, my sacrifice,
a soul I reap with a deadly scythe.
I am alive.

I am the Angel sent to take your pain away,
give you what you need to make it through each day.

I am the Angel who kisses your tears,
eases the heartache you've carried for years.

I am the Angel that will watch over you in dreams,
show you all isn't what it seems.

Believe in me and let me in,
I will guide you from Earth and into Heaven.

Listening to songs with ears that didn't hear,
seeing with eyes that died.

Clung to the graves,
letting them go a little more each day.

Fell in love with agony,
do you know how hard I'm fighting to be free?

Beauty in death, seduced by the dark's kiss,
opened my heart to let the light in.

Tears fall from tortured eyes as I watch you die,
do you know all I'm giving up when I try?

Catch me when I fall,
its worth it all.

I am the angel in the back of your mind,
always guiding, following a step behind.

With each whispered promise I catch the tears you cry,
teach you how to fly.

I will watch you scream in agony or suffocate from ecstasy,
so close to your happy ending, if you only knew.

When each scar I bear has healed,
you will see me as all I am and ever will be.

I will forever carry the weight others bear,
because I am The Angel of Pain,
I was born to care.

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one of my favorites, this has

one of my favorites, this has moved up on my list.