Black rain

Parts of me

I am the Angel that shelters you from the rain,
the warmth that burns in your heart, that spark of a flame.

I am the Angel that eases your grief,
holds your hand and kisses your tears.

Wrap you in wings soft as clouds,
singing you to sleep and watching over your dreams.

Could watch you scream and writhe with blissful agony,
laugh as the light fades from your eyes,
drive you insane with ecstasy.

I know all the ways to make you break and plead,
then bring you back from the grave.

My kiss is a poison so sweet, euphoria,
the rush that will steal your breath as you suffocate in me.

When you cry my name,
you'll beg me to hurt you just a little more.

Light a match, eyes dancing wickedly as I drop it,
watch the flames ignite, burn what I built to the ground.

Watch the flames converge and scald,
the demons that once entombed me scream, oh what a sound.

They can't touch me now,
I am free of that grave, no longer 6 ft. deep,
I have been rescued and found.

Look in my eyes, my heart of stone,
the cold will cut till you bleed, deep gashes to the bone.

Jaded, bitter smile as I watch the world burn,
I respond when you scream in pain,
when will you learn?

I was the keeper of my hell,
the ruler as I fell.

Seductive promises from a shadow,
you died too, your soul turned black.

Brought you to life to make you feel,
watch you breathe life in again, fly free, never look back.

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