You push me around,
thinking that I'll take each hit without complaint,
but what you don't know is I'm filing them all away.

You turn on me, say I'm just a judging bitch,
I don't know what I'm talking about,
anything to get under my skin,
but you're failing, I'm bulletproof.

You twist the truth, turn it all around,
you're always the victim, never the bully,
your mind games are all you have now.

Trust is a fragile thing, so easily broken,
it must be treated with care,
yet it seems to mean nothing to you,
merely a tool for control.

You said I changed, evidently I didn't,
if I had then you never would have gotten so close,
you're still the same angry child I used to know.

Intimidation, manipulation, you play the game well,
can you even see the truth anymore,
or have you started to believe your lies?

Rejection is a familiar friend,
it comes and visits me now and again,
accompanied by the disappointment only you can bring.

I was never good enough to have you,
never worth enough to warrant your trust,
instead of speaking on my behalf, you let me fall,
alone into the bottomless pit of demons,
hell-bent on destroying my soul.

I took the abuse, every lash meant for you,
I'll bear it in silence, even though I'm being tortured,
my honor and pride forbid me to betray you.

Too bad you never show me the same courtesy,
too bad you'll never see the truth,
that even though I've had so many reasons,
you're not worth enough to make me hate you.

All you'll get from me is indifference,
a cold chill, too bad you missed your chance,
it could have gone differently if you hadn't chosen to hurt me.

You're nowhere near important enough to make me care,
your problems aren't my concern, you've burned that bridge for the last time.

You're not enough to make me bleed,
not enough to make me even cry,
if you were to look, there'd be nothing in my eyes.

See I thought about it, I realized I'm strong even without you,
that even though I took your abuse, I won't allow you to break me.

Eventually I'll even forgive you,
but I'll never forget.

Each word, each tear, each time you hurt me,
I did nothing more than try to be your friend,
no matter what, you can't take back what you already did and said.

I won't bow my head in submission,
I won't beg for the pain to stop,
I knew what I signed up for the day I chose you.

I won't ask for mercy,
I don't deserve your abuse,
it's not all I can feel anymore,
I've found a balance between dark and light.

You can't touch me anymore,
nothing you say has any effect,
I've outgrown my love for you,
your abuse scarred me on a deeper level than you ever knew.

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it wasnt anything physical...

it wasnt anything physical... just mentally. i know how it is that way. minipulation sucks and you lose everything uv ever worked for. im just glad to have gotten out of it......

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I love this. Why treat

I love this. Why treat someone so well when they don't return the same, that always thinks they're right and you're always wrong.