Already gone


Another fight, like every one before,
another slammed door, tears of frustration.

Watch you walk away,
replay every word, every outcome,
wondering if things were meant to turn out this way.

I'm not going to beg you to stay,
not going to wait in the rain,
hope you'll notice that all I want is you.

There are no pebbles in my hand,
even without you, I can still stand.

I'm not the same girl I used to be,
the one who would do anything for you,
believe every lie, all for a smile.

I'm not crying for you,
wishing I could move on,
I already have, you were never the one.

I'm not lying broken on the floor,
not hoping you'll whisper to me, "I love you more."

Dig your own grave, sacrifice it all,
you're such a fool, she'll never leave him for you,
just wait and see, you'll realize she isn't who you thought.

I used to be so in love with you,
thought you'd be the only one I'd ever want,
my dream come true.

I used to think of you constantly,
but you never saw me through my cloak of invisibility.

I'm not hanging on your every word,
not remembering the good times,
trying too hard just to know you see me.

You were never good for me,
that was a truth I didn't want to believe,
not if it meant leaving behind your familiarity.

You're chasing her, he's chasing me,
only difference is that he's twice the man you'll ever be.

I'm not invisible to him, he sees the real me,
he forgives my mistakes, he trusts and believes in us.

He's the one who picked up the pieces,
he's the glue that put me back together,
he held my hand through it all, even stormy weather.

When she lets you down once again,
you'll realize all you believed in was a beautiful lie,
but you'll still feel empty and cold inside.

Turn back around and look outside,
I guarantee you that you won't find me,
no matter how hard you try.

I've taken you off your pedestal,
I've waked away, you never once asked me to stay.

I always hoped you'd choose me,
that when I was drowning, you'd save me,
but always, you left me to die alone inside.

Slam the door on my face,
part of you must still think I'll come back around,
but you're wrong, when you look to find me,
there won't be anyone waiting, I'll already be gone.

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